Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Night the Moon Fell on my Council Estate

I was late for my community meeting, wasn't too fussed because it's usually boring.
But tonight was not quite the same, I looked up in the sky because I thought I felt rain.
But the moon was out and at an alarming rate was falling to earth towards my council estate.

And the moon fell onto my council estate, took off the roof made of sustainable slate off the community centre only built last year,
with money from the Olympics and the Mayor but that was history now it all came crashing down onto the heads of the Zumba crowd
and the Jelly Bellies they all fled over the bodies of the Zumba dead
and the community forum in the room next door, they hit the deck when they heard the noise and the antagonistic mean old man he blamed the mess on the council man,
and neighbourhood watch got onto their feet, hands on their hips with rolled up sleeves they said
'This is what we've been watching for, the end of the world or another war' but their voices were drowned out by the Pentecosts, singing the Old Rugged Cross
and the Yoga Teacher was shocked and stunned because the moon just missed her while she was chanting UM,
and the Pilate girls were very sad because the moon had killed the only man in their class, he wore tights but that didn't mean he didn't have a right to life

And the ambulance arrived, they beat the police to the line and the firemen next arrived followed by the media guys
and the news said that night, that change had come to all our lives and this had happened where I live where nothing happens and noone gives a second thought but on this night we were the stars and moon that shine in the papers the next day, basking in our time of fame

And in the memory of the Zumba dead, we laid flowers and we built a shed, for the local biodiversity group who later won the Sutton in Bloom and nothing in my life would be the same if it wasn't for the night the moon crashed onto my social housing estate

(The Pentecosts take it away) On a hill far away stood the old rugged cross, where my saviour did die so my sins could be washed away
Zumba dead, Zumba dead, Zumba dead, Zumba dead, Zumba dead.


A very nice day out today at Rainham with Sue and Tomos.



 Cetti's Warbler
The Thames 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A few bits from last few days

Interesting looking Herring Gull with quite a few features recalling American Herring Gull 

Presumably something from Iceland? Maybe a few AMHG genes in there? Maybe a LBB with a pale inner primary window? Hybrid Herring x LBB perhaps? 
An interesting looking Herring Gull with a few Thayer's Gull like features 

Presumably a Herring Gull with maybe some white-winger genes in there? Too pale on the upper parts for Argie. The p9 is a pretty nice 'Thayeri' pattern. 
An interesting Black-headed Gull 
A Black Swan and a White Swan 

 A first-winter Caspian Gull 
 Last Friday Dave, Christian, Magnus and myself set up a new ringing area on 100 acre 

The chimneys are going on. Met up with the site ecologist last week- basically sounds like Viridor are kicking the can down the road with the wet grassland which we suspected they would do despite their promises and events in the summer which we suspected we were being taken for a ride with. We did everything to keep things friendly and amicable. The campaign needs to step up now as we've only got two years or less before 100 acre and south east corner dry out leaving us with no wetland habitat for the breeding Lapwings. Basically its all out war now until they meet the s106 conditions, back to Plan A:  PLAN A

Post-truth world

In the post truth world very important to have all your scientific data available on line to support any arguments. Here's an on line version of the 2015 Beddington Farmlands Bird and Wildlife Report with most recent published data on the declines of wildlife at the farmlands. Read it and examine it in as much detail as anyone likes. 
Beddington Farmlands is one of the most studied ecological communities in the country. 
The Beddington Bird and Wildlife Report is compiled using data from various sources:
a) BFBG member sightings and co-ordinated counts which are conducted on a near daily basis.
b) Ornithological Survey Reports conducted by MKA Ecology Ltd commissioned by Viridor.
c) BTO and partners coordinated Breeding Bird Surveys (BBS, CBS) and Wetland Bird Surveys
(WEBs) carried out by Derek Coleman and BFBG members.
d) Ringing Effort results by Mike Netherwood and the Beddington Farmlands Ringing Station
e) Regular Moth trapping by Peter Alfrey from the ‘obs’ and occasional additional moth trapping
by Derek Coleman and others
f) Bat surveys conducted by MKA Ecology Ltd, commissioned by Viridor
g) Habitat surverys conducted MKA Ecology Ltd, commissioned by Viridor
h) Results from the London Tree Sparrow Partnership

Records are submitted for compilation into regional recording schemes organized by:
1) London Natural History Society
2) Surrey Bird Club
3) British Trust for Ornithology
4) British Bird Rarities Committee