Thursday, 31 July 2014

Glossy Ibis Dip! A first for Beddington Farmlands

 We scoured the site- no Glossy Ibis but did find one of the two or three Tree Sparrows left from the once thriving population (nearly 1000 birds in 2007)
 Webb's Wainscot- a first for me
Mottled Rustic (I think)

Mike and Neil found a Glossy Ibis this morning but it didn't hang around. Devilbirder, Kojak and I spent the afternoon turning over the whole site but no luck.
We did have two Tree Sparrows- a site year tick for us.
Also Dave had a juv Med Gull.
Glossy Ibis is a first for Beddington Farmlands- the all time bird list is now 258.


Bomber said...

Hi Pete, I don't really think you need my help any more but just to let you know that the Mottled Rustic isn't I'm afraid. It is either Uncertain or Rustic. Very hard to be sure from a photo but if pushed I'd go for the former. Still enjoying the blog btw. Cheers

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Dave. Good to hear you are still keeping an eye on me! I need reigning in :-)
Thanks again

Peter Alfrey said...