Sunday, 9 April 2017

Mission Impossible-Dash from Maternity Ward to Bonaparte's Gull at Farmoor

Got a couple more days at the John Radcliffe Hospital until we can go home. When news came in of a second-calender year Bonaparte's Gull at nearby Farmoor Reservoir I had to strike a deal to dash out at a convenient point- it cost me two hours on the clock there and back, returning with gifts for baby and mum (got Jacob his first bird toy-a pink flamingo) and my Squire duties would be increased for the afternoon. Mission successful! 

 One of the rectrices have been replaced with a more adult like feather but with a dark spot on the outer web
 A few other birds of interest there including adult Common Tern and a Yellow Wagtail flying over (others reported that it or another was a Blue-headed) 
 Also Ringed Plover 
 and a Little Gull 

 Jacob and Mum 
 View from our ward window- more like a hotel than a hospital 

The John Radcliffe is an Oxford University Hospital and quite frankly is pretty stunning, an amazing experience, excellent care, stunning facilities- more like a different planet than a hospital. Red Kites overhead too.

Video of Bonaparte's below:


Arjun Dutta said...

Great pictures and Congratulations Peter!

Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks Arjun! :-)

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